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Airtel Uganda


Airtel Uganda was duly incorporated in Uganda on 17 July 1992, under registration number 80010000251875 as a private limited liability company under the Companies Act and is domiciled in Uganda. The Company’s registered office and headquarters are currently situated at Plot 16A Clement Hill Road Nakasero and the Company’s registered Postal address is P.O. Box 6771, Kampala Uganda.

By a special resolution dated 22 May 2023 the shareholders of the Company authorised the re-registration of the Company as a public company. On 23 June 2023, the Company was re-registered as a Public Company Limited by shares and retained its registration number 80010000251875.

The Company’s principal objectives, as stipulated in its amended memorandum of association under clause 3, are the operation of a cellular telephone network in Uganda and the provision of telecommunication services pursuant to the National Telecommunication Operator (“NTO”) Licence granted by the UCC. The mobile telecommunication services provided by the Company include GSM mobile cellular telephone services including voice telephony, messaging, data communications (including internet), international and national long-distance telecommunications services and “value-added services”.

The Company has offered mobile telecommunications services since 1995 and is currently the second largest mobile operator in Uganda by number of active subscribers.

The Company is a subsidiary of Airtel Africa, with Airtel Africa’s ultimate parent company being Bharti Airtel. Airtel Africa operates across fourteen (14) countries in Africa and is the second largest telecommunications operator on the continent. Bharti Airtel operates across seventeen (17) countries across Africa and Asia and is the second largest telecommunications operator globally.

The company was listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange on 7th November 2023 becoming the second telecommunications company listed on the main bourse of Uganda.