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Kenya Airways


Kenya Airways was listed on the USE on 28th March, 2002, being the second company to be cross listed on the USE. KA was first listed in 1996 on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Incorporated in 1977 as a company wholly owned by the Government of Kenya following the collapse of East African Airways, the company was privatized-first in 1995 when 26% of the shares of the company were sold to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and then in 1996 involving an initial public offering of the Company’s shares in the biggest share offering in Kenya’s history, which was oversubscribed by 82%.

Since then the company’s share has attained ‘blue chip’ status on the NSE owing to, among other factors, a high level of corporate disclosure, earnings growth and the share’s relatively high liquidity.

Presently KA is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Kenya. It has 1billion authorised ordinary shares of KShs.5/- representing an Authorised share capital of KShs.5 Billion and 461,615 million issued and fully paid shares representing an Issued share capital of KShs.2, 308,077,420.

The decision to cross list KA’s shares on the Uganda Securities Exchange was made as part of the company’s pursuit of its strategy to be a major player in the African region. This move enhanced the Company’s profile both regionally and internationally